Monday, February 9, 2009

Fish Frenzy!

Best sight is to dive and see... but up here is quite good enough..
Looking for someone who fell into the area.. If we push someone in it, the fish might get full and wont eat for a week.. at least.. heehhe
Juz sit back, relax and enjoy the close encounter of the fish nearby..
Hungry fish will eat anything.. You can feed anything, the fish will eat it.. including chewing gum!

Big Fish at Dream World Thailand

U can use your hand to get the fish, no spool nor line needed.. the problem is can you drag it up to shore? hehehehe its quite big...
Wowww... masak gulai sedap nih! hehehe satu kampung leh kenyang..
All big fishhh smua kat sini.. anda brani untuk menangkapnya?
Fish Frenzy!
Size kasut ngan ikan-ikan kat kolam dah cukup tak yah explain..